KHALID HOWLADAR writes on Islamic finance or, to use his preferred and more inclusive term, ‘Participation finance’, as it is the dramatic political upsets of 2016 – the UK’s decision to exit the EU on the 23rd of June and the election of Donald Trump on the 8th November, that signal the ongoing wealth ‘exclusion’ is going too far and which has encouraged him to write on the topic with the hope of provoking further debate and promoting what he feels is actually an ‘old’ form of inclusive capitalism.


THE IFN TURKEY REPORT 2016 December 2016

Turkey has always been a bright spot for Islamic finance and the Republic continues to demonstrate strong political will to advance its participation finance industry by supporting development with various legislative and regulatory initiatives and top-down measures. Yet, it has not always been an easy journey for the Eurasian country, with 2016 bringing unexpected and unforeseen difficulties.

IFN ANNUAL GUIDE 2017 December 2016

The markets are winding down and the festive season is fast approaching. But with a year once again marked by political turmoil and turbulent trends, performance has been subdued and prices precarious. Against this backdrop of uncertainty, our comprehensive and industry-renowned Annual Guide brings you a comprehensive overview of the past 12 months — shining a spotlight on the global Islamic finance industry and the opportunities and challenges it has faced throughout the course of 2016.

IFN OMAN REPORT 2016 April 2016

The Islamic finance industry in Oman has generated strong interest from both international and domestic players, and sustained support from regulators and authorities has contributed toward the development of a robust, unique and rapidly growing sector that has already exceeded initial expectations. The country has already made its mark on the global Islamic finance market, with valuable contributions including its rigorous requirements for Shariah boards. As the last GCC country to implement Islamic finance, Oman has succeeded in drawing from the experiences of other countries to achieve best practice in its own industry, with a dedicated Islamic banking department to oversee the sector and a High Shariah Supervisory Authority to advise on Fiqh. Both the Central Bank and the Capital Market Authority have been supportive of the industry’s development, contributing to its rapid growth.


This year was an interesting one for Islamic finance, with turbulent financial markets and economic challenges creating both volatility and opportunity. We have seen new players emerge, old favorites retain their crowns, and groundbreaking transactions burst onto the market to carve out new pathways of evolution. Socially responsible Sukuk and export credit agency-backed innovation took center stage on the deals platform, while the stiff competition for the best banks, law firms, investor and service provider awards demonstrated the depth and breadth of the growing market.


IFN ANNUAL GUIDE 2016 December 2015

Once again the close of the year has come around more quickly than we ever thought possible, and it is time again for our annual review and outlook of the Islamic finance industry with a comprehensive overview of the highs, lows, peaks and troughs of the last 12 months – and what turbulent months they have been. 



Short introduction


In this edition of the Islamic Finance news Guide 2015, we bring our valued readers a comprehensive summary of the peaks and troughs following an eventful year for the industry. Covering 41 countries across every major Islamic market & asset class, this issue of the IFN Guide also traverses the global Islamic financial landscape: covering 28 diverse sectors of debt capital markets, leasing, microfinance, crowdfunding, legal frameworks, quantitative easing, Takaful, technology and hedging. We hope, as always, that you find it a rewarding read, and we look forward to providing you with continued and unrivalled Islamic finance coverage throughout 2015. 


Welcome to the 2014-15 edition of the IFN Awards Guide, a bumper issue of deals, case studies and analysis of the top deals, transactions, movers and shakers of the previous year. The past year has been seminal for the growth and development of the industry worldwide, and the Shariah compliant capital markets have taken a number of groundbreaking strides forward supported by both the sovereign and corporate sectors. We have seen new regions such as Africa break into the market, and a study of the benchmark CFA100 billion issuance from Senegal, our winner for Africa Deal of the Year.



It’s been quite a year for the Islamic capital markets, and with a line of landmark deals marching their way through the months of 2014 there can no longer be any doubt of the position the sector holds as the golden child of the Islamic finance industry. The Shariah compliant capital markets this year have not only grown in terms of size and sophistication but have made strides in global reach, mainstream acceptance and investor demand.