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Latest Issue
Wednesday 6th May 2015
Volume 12 Issue 18
Cover Story
IFN Rapid
News Briefs
Asset Management
IFN Reports
  Hajj boost for Indonesia
  Re-Takaful: Reinventing itself
  Malaysian Sukuk market — a slow first quarter
  Kuveyt Turk diversifies funding base; breaks into Malaysian Sukuk market
  Company Focus: Finance House
  Aviation industry leans towards Islamic finance
  London eyes holistic Islamic finance growth
  Pakistan enhances Modaraba infrastructure with new rules
  Sovereign Sukuk: Egypt and Indonesia
  IFN Weekly Poll: Three years on from Qatar’s ruling eliminating Islamic ‘windows’, do you think this system works?
  IFN Global Trendswatch
IFN Country Correspondents
  Recent updates in the Turkish finance sector
  Afghanistan: Islamic finance gathering momentum
  Islamic finance opportunities in China and ASEAN countries
IFN Country Analysis
  Islamic finance in Bosnia-Herzegovina — an uphill battle
IFN Sector Analysis
  Trading and brokerage in Islamic finance
Pakistan snippet
Non-performing loans in Bangladesh: Islamic banks are better off
Case Study
Malaysian Sukuk: Rights as a new asset class

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