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As the market evolves, providers of Shariah compliant investment opportunities are becoming more perceptive towards the needs and wants of the Islamic investor and skewing their portfolios not only according to the current state of the global markets and available opportunities, but also for a more discerning clientele; basically those looking for reasonable returns at reasonable rates of risk. At present, the myriad of Shariah compliant investment products constitute Islamic funds, equities, real estate investments, short and long-term instruments, asset management tools, Sukuk and trade finance to name a few.

In this issue of Islamic Finance news Supplements we chart the winners of the annual IFN Islamic Investor poll, cover topics such as offshore jurisdictions and the available opportunities, Islamic trade finance and many more. As always dear readers, we hope you find this month’s issue a productive and educational read.


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    The Islamic investor


    Class of 2013: IFN Islamic Investor Poll results revealed
    The IFN Islamic Investor Poll, now in its third year, is the outcome of a comprehensive survey of the global Islamic asset management industry to establish the key movers and shakers of the past year, as voted for by the industry itself. 


    New Opportunities in Islamic Equities
    Shariah compliant equity investing is taking a new turn as Islamic service providers attempt to weather global markets and plug the supply gap while remaining faithful to the tenets of Islamic finance. NAZNEEN HALIM explores new trends in the market.

    Islamic Offshore Fund Centers: Castles in the Sky
    The Islamic funds industry is both a potential goldmine and a moving target, to mix metaphors. LAUREN MCAUGHTRY looks at developments across some of the most attractive domiciles for Shariah compliant funds in these troubled times, and evaluates the best and brightest for the coming years.


    An Inside Look at Managing Quality Global Sukuk Mandates
    The global Sukuk market scaled to new heights in terms of issuance in 2012, continuing the growth trajectory set the year before. Sukuk issuance leapt 50.3% to US$139.2 billion versus US$92.7 billion in 2011.

    Islamic Trade Finance: Connecting the World
    According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), trade finance currently supports 90% of the world’s trade. Since the 2008 global financial crisis, emerging economies especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, have seen the highest volumes of trade globally and Standard Chartered operates at the heart of these trade flows, with a longstanding on-the-ground presence in key Islamic markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the UAE.

    A Road Map for New Entrants in Islamic Finance
    With oil maintaining its high prices, the liquidity of Islamic investors continue to increase making Islamic markets more and more attractive for all seekers of financing including sovereigns, corporates and financial institutions. Asim Khan sheds some light on the practical aspects new entrants should focus on when considering an entry into the Islamic finance space. 


    A Class of its Own
    Ramlie Kamsari, CEO of the world’s leading Islamic asset management firm CIMB-Principal Islamic Asset Management (CIMB-Principal Islamic), shares his insights with Islamic Financenews on the burgeoning Shariah-compliant asset management industry.

Sunday, 01 September 2013