Islamic Banking and Finance in Indonesia: A Critical Analysis

The book ‘Islamic Banking and Finance in Indonesia: A Critical Analysis’ has four main sections that starts with providing the Indonesian economic landscape, followed by a considerably long account of various issues and concerns on Islamic banking and finance and its management and concludes with the serious issue of human capital development. The author discusses some issues related to Islamic banking and finance, for instance, legislation in Indonesian Islamic financial institutions, the Islamic banking industry, Zakat, Sukuk and others. Such an overview and analysis are presented in a very simple, educational and easy to understand approach. This book provides a wider perspective to readers about Islamic banking and financial institutions in Indonesia. The book also provides a unique learning experience based on real-life situations rather than pure academic presentation.

ISBN 978-6020-17851-8-8

Publisher: Pustaka Nusantara, Indonesia

Author: Muhammad Shodiq

Tuesday, 10 January 2017