IFN Annual Guide 2015

In this edition of the Islamic Finance news Guide 2015, we bring our valued readers a comprehensive summary of the peaks and troughs following an eventful year for the industry. Covering 41 countries across every major Islamic market & asset class, this issue of the IFN Guide also traverses the global Islamic financial landscape: covering 28 diverse sectors of debt capital markets, leasing, microfinance, crowdfunding, legal frameworks, quantitative easing, Takaful, technology and hedging. We hope, as always, that you find it a rewarding read, and we look forward to providing you with continued and unrivalled Islamic finance coverage throughout 2015. 

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Why Islamic finance prospered in 2014. Will it continue in 2015?
The past year was in many ways a game-changer for Islamic finance, not only in terms of growth and performance but regarding its steady confluence towards the mainstream. Awareness of the industry has grown across the globe, with both Muslim and non-Muslim markets sitting up to take notice... more...


Good prospects in 2015 for Sukuk despite potential turbulence
Despite potential turbulence, the global Sukuk market is heading for another solid year in 2015. We see long-term growth potential in the sector, supported by good economic prospects in core countries, increasing interest from new countries, and regulatory developments.


Accounting and tax developments

Alternative investments burgeoning

[[nodetitle:Does Kuala Lumpur have what it takes to be an IFC?]]

Islamic financing takes to the air in the aviation industry

Corporate governance in global Islamic financial institutions

An opportunity for Islamic finance

[[nodetitle:Interview with INOKS Capital]]

[[nodetitle:Interview with Sidra Capital]]

Development of Sukuk in Islamic debt capital markets

Developments and opportunities for Shariah compliant family offices

Sukuk on the rise

A review of the global Sukuk market

Looking for a miracle

Hedging Sukuk: Alternatives for issuers

Legal framework for Islamic finance transactions

Liquidity management in the Islamic finance industry

Beyond microcredit: The future of microfinance

An assessment of the need for Islamic pensions

The next frontier

[[nodetitle:Of Sukuk and asset management & a chat with BNP Paribas Investment Partners]]

Improving global market for Islamic private equity and venture capital

The world needs an Islamic quantitative easing

What's beyond Islamic finance?

Islamic real estate on the upswing

Good times ahead for Islamic retail banking

Islamic finance regulation & key trends and challenges

Shariah governance and compliance risk

Sovereign Sukuk landscape continues to expand

Environmentally-conscious and socially responsible investment: A growth opportunity for Islamic finance

Global Islamic syndications: Expanding horizons

An overview of the development of Takaful globally

The modernization imperative



[[nodetitle:Interview with INOKS Capital]]

[[nodetitle:Interview with Sidra Capital]]

[[nodetitle:Of Sukuk and asset management & a chat with BNP Paribas Investment Partners]]



An Australian growth story

Fresh evidence of growth and optimistic outlook despite market challenges

Islamic banking: The first choice of Bangladesh business people

Bosnia: Potential Islamic finance center for South Eastern Europe

Brazil: an alternative for investors

Brunei: Islamic finance as an economic diversification beyond oil and gas

Canada: A promising emerging market for Islamic finance

Islamic finance in the Czech Republic

Development of Islamic finance in France

Islamic finance in Hong Kong

Regulation of the Islamic finance sector in India

Indonesian Islamic finance industry in 2014: The government Sukuk-led growth

Towards financial sector development in Iran

Bright outlook in Ireland

Opportunities abound in the Japanese Islamic finance industry

Islamic finance growing in Kenya

Game-changing new regulations in the Kuwaiti Islamic finance landscape

Islamic finance industry in Lebanon

A mountain to climb for Islamic finance development in Libya

Lively outlook for Islamic finance in Luxembourg

Malaysia & The Asian tiger that roars

A spindle for Islamic finance institutions

Moroccan Islamic finance still in its infancy

Riding the wave of success

The use of offshore entities in Islamic finance & current trends

Oman & on the right path

Pakistan: A progressing market of Islamic finance

Prospects of Islamic finance in Palestine

The Philippines: Pushing forward

Qatar & growth despite change

Russia: new horizons

Saudi Arabia: Adapting to change

Singapore finding its second wind

Investment opportunities in Somalia

A new dawn for South African Islamic finance

A shift in brand identity is required for a growth of Islamic finance in Sri Lanka

Islamic finance in Tunisia: Evaluation, new perspectives and challenges

Islamic finance in Turkey

UAE's Islamic finance evolution gathers speed

The UK continues cementing its position as the western Islamic financial hub

All quiet on the US front

Thursday, 12 March 2015