Asia’s Islamic capital markets are thriving on the back of issuances in Malaysia and the government of Indonesia’s repeated efforts in tapping the domestic and global market. Other countries such as Hong Kong has also recently amended its securitization laws to accommodate Sukuk, in recognition of the potential business Islamic finance could bring to the republic, while the Shariah compliant funds industry in Asia Pacific is currently dominated by Malaysia-based fund managers such as UOB Asset Management and Apex Investment Services

Bankers from the top Islamic banks in Malaysia are also being kept busy with the spate of issuances expected to be rolled out in the domestic market before the end of the year, while it has been mentioned that major corporates are expected to come to the fore with issuances of significant volumes this quarter.


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    The Asian Sensation


    Positivity abounds in Asia
    Despite a cautious outlook by Asian corporates and a drop in the region’s business sentiment index due to volatility across emerging economies, NAZNEEN HALIM believes that Asia remains as a beacon of hope for conventional and Islamic businesses alike. 


    Asia focus: Sun rises in the east
    Islamic finance has seen considerable growth in markets with dominant Islamic populations like Southeast Asia and the Middle East. However, can the same be said for non-Muslim jurisdictions which have taken proactive initiatives to facilitate Islamic finance in the recent years?


    [[nodetitle:The changing landscape of Islamic banking product development - Standard Chartered Saadiq]]
    The Islamic banking industry is looking better than ever with growth outpacing the overall banking sector by 50% as reported by Ernst & Young, and such exponential growth has opened the landscape to a host of robust Shariah compliant banking solutions.

    [[nodetitle:A global perspective in Shariah investing - Franklin Templeton Investments]]
    Franklin Templeton Investments has been managing assets globally for over 65 years with investments in Asia dating back to the 1950s.

    Islamic finance in the global commercial arena - Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration
    Commercial arbitration has long been an effective and efficient means of resolving disputes both domestic and international, providing speed, autonomy and most importantly reliable enforcement.

    [[nodetitle:Impact of the new Malaysian IFSA 2013 regulation on Takaful and reTakaful operators - Swiss RE]]
    The new Malaysian IFSA (Islamic Financial Services Act) came into force on the 30th June 2013. Its main objectives are to promote financial stability and compliance to Shariah and further strengthen the regulation of Islamic financial institutions.


    Asia: An intriguing proposition
    Markets move according to sentiment. Wherever investor confidence is high, the money is sure to flow.

    Late to the table: Which Asian nations are going hungry at the feast?
    Islamic finance is a booming industry with a strong growth rate that is attracting participants from all over the world as the flaws in the conventional industry are increasingly exposed and countries seek alternative means of diversifying their financial bases.

Tuesday, 01 October 2013