Events Diary

7th March 2017, MUSCAT

Although Oman was one of the last GCC states to join the Islamic finance table, it is clearly pushing forward in its attempt to grow the industry. Listen to market regulators and leading industry experts discuss the opportunities within this sector at the IFN Oman Forum 2017.

14th March 2017 - ASTANA

An increasingly important region for the industry and with vocalized support from multiple stakeholders, 2017 will see the second installment of IFN CIS Forum, this time in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and the event is expected to draw market players and regulators from key Islamic finance markets globally and all CIS and Russia.

22nd March 2017 - BEIJING

The renminbi’s recent inclusion into the IMF’s special drawing rights reflects the growing prominence of the country’s currency in international trade, investment and financing. With a lot more infrastructure projects needed in Asia, China will no doubt be playing a key role in the number of major transactions, including deals involving Islamic financing.

28th March 2017 - CASABLANCA

With Islamic financial markets growing and developing all around the globe, Morocco is targeted to be the next emerging market due to an increasing demand for project and infrastructure financing.

10th & 11th April 2017 - KUALA LUMPUR

Asia's fast- growing Islamic capital markets will no doubt be a space that investors will keep their eyes on, as opportunities abound in this exciting market, and IFN Asia Forum will provide a chance for the audience to gain a clearer picture on the ongoing trends in the region, with invaluable insights from market and industry experts.

11th April 2017 - KUALA LUMPUR

The inaugural IFN Fintech Forum, to be held in Kuala Lumpur, will explore how the convergence of fintech and Shariah compliant financing will advance the Islamic finance industry and most importantly, the possible synergies that exist between new platforms and traditional banking systems.

17th May 2017 - LONDON

The brand new IFN UK Forum in 2017 will certainly be a major avenue to discuss Islamic opportunities in the western world, as well as being an engaging session for industry and market players who are keen to explore what the future landscape of Shariah compliant finance in the UK and wider Europe will look like in years to come.

27th July 2017 - JAKARTA

The IFN Indonesia Forum, a key event on the IFN Forum calendar, continues to bring together the country’s top regulators and influential market players to discuss the growth and opportunities present for Islamic finance.

14th September 2017 - ISTANBUL

Turkey is another upcoming market for Islamic finance with a highly active debt capital market and a rapidly developing Shariah compliant equity market.

18th September 2017 - LUXEMBOURG

IFN Dialogues offer an independent and impartial platform for the identification and resolution of specific issues, challenges and opportunities facing the industry through a high-level discussion designed to determine the potential development of a particular country, sector or asset class.

19th September 2017 - LUXEMBOURG

The IFN Investor Forum, a key event on the IFN Forum calendar, continues to bring together the country’s top regulators and influential market players to discuss the growth and opportunities present for Islamic finance.

September 2017 - TEHRAN

The IFN Iran Forum will offer international market participants direct access to Iran’s financial regulators and market players to hear first-hand what efforts are being undertaken to enable foreign investment and how legal and regulatory reforms will impact local and foreign institutions.

October 2017 - LAGOS

Africa has proven to be a vital region for the development of Islamic finance, as 2016 witnessed a number of exciting sovereign Sukuk issuances with debuts from Ivory Coast and Togo, while Senegal launched its second Islamic debt instrument.

16th October 2017 - WASHINGTON DC

IFN is proud to be returning for the second IFN Sovereign Sukuk Dialogue in Washington in October 2017, following the inaugural edition in 2016.

18th October 2017 - NEW YORK

The forum will bring together key industry players, asset and fund managers and financial intermediaries in the US in another exciting IFN-led event, as they discuss the Shariah compliant landscape, ranging from innovative real estate deals to agriculture and livestock investments.

October 2017 - LAHORE

The Islamic banking industry in Pakistan has progressed considerably since its introduction to the South Asian nation, with the branch network of Islamic banking continuously expanding throughout the country at a rapid pace on the back of support extended by the State Bank of Pakistan.

19th November 2017 - KUWAIT CITY

Kuwait is an interesting and developing Islamic finance market and 2017 will see IFN returning to Kuwait City for the fourth time, building on the success of previous years and with the support of both local regulators and international participants to explore and encourage Shariah compliant investment opportunities into the country.

21st November 2017 - AMMAN

Growing in influence, Jordan is a market to be reckoned with when it comes to new opportunities in the Islamic space, and the brand new IFN Jordan Dialogue will be the main avenue to explore such opportunities.

22nd November 2017 - JEDDAH

IFN returns to Saudi Arabia for the sixth time and IFN Saudi Arabia Forum 2017 is slated to attract global market players eager to gain access to the highly lucrative Saudi Arabian market. With its solid regulatory framework and firm foundation in Islamic banking, the Saudi Arabian market will continue to prosper and innovate.