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30-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue44, Moves
DMCC Tradeflow
29-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue44, Moves
Bumi Armada
28-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue43, Moves
Al Tamimi & Co
27-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue43, Moves
Guernsey Finance
21-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
Takaud Savings and Pensions
21-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
BLME Holdings
20-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
20-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
15-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
15-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Moves
Integrated Alternative Finance
14-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
PineBridge Investments Middle East
14-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
HSBC Turkey
14-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
JPMorgan Chase & Co
9-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
Baker & McKenzie
8-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
Central Bank of South Africa
8-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Moves
3-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue40, Moves
Bank Sohar
2-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue40, Moves
Global Investment House
1-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue40, Moves
DLA Piper
30-Sep-2014, Volume11.Issue39, Moves
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 29th October 2014
Volume 11 Issue 43
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  What does Indonesia’s New Insurance Law mean to Shariah compliant players?
  Sukuk momentum swings upward, says S&P
  Private equity investment in the US: Widening the net
  Barwa Bank surges ahead with latest IILM engagement
  A new identity for Islamic Bank of Britain
  LCP launches sophomore Shariah compliant residential fund
  Developmental agencies move to grow global Halal network
  IFN Global Trendswatch
  Extension of Enterprise Finance Scheme — a good signal for Islamic finance and SMEs in Bahrain
  IFN Eurekahedge roundup: Stable returns from money market funds
  IFN Weekly Poll: Will 2015 see Bahrain re-emerge as a key Islamic finance player?
  From Jersey to the world: Minerva
  Sovereign Sukuk: From Asia to Africa
IFN Country Correspondents
  Brunei: ‘The Swiss of the East’
  Morocco: Budget and Sukuk opportunities
  Background and developments of Takaful industry in Saudi Arabia
  A centralized approach
IFN Sector Correspondent
  UK Sukuk support
IFN Country Analysis
  Unrealized potential: Islamic finance in Sri Lanka
IFN Sector Analysis
  Infrastructure financing: Opportunities abound
Case Study
Turkiye Finans’ Malaysian Sukuk debut

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