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International Islamic
23-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue30, Moves
National Bank of Abu Dhabi
21-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
18-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
18-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
Securities Commission Malaysia
17-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
Alizz Islamic Bank
17-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
Qatar Financial Center Authority
16-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
Latham & Watkins
16-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Moves
Latham & Watkins
15-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
Arab Banking Company
14-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
First Community Bank
14-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
Allianz Malaysia
11-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
Arab Orient Takaful
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
Barclays Bank of Kenya
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Moves
8-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Moves
BMI Bank
7-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Moves
Alizz Islamic Bank
7-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Moves
Noor Bank
4-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Moves
90 North
30-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Moves
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Volume 11 Issue 29
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  Conventional banks switching to Islamic operations — testament to the industry’s capabilities
  Islamic finance: A healthy pipeline for Saudi healthcare
  The fall of a giant — can Al Rajhi rise again?
  Islamic entities lead Pakistan privatization program
IFN Country Correspondents
  France: Islamic finance task force to attract liquidity into infrastructure projects
  Sri Lanka: Domestic market sees dynamic growth
IFN Country Analysis
  Senegal: Sukuk dreams realized
IFN Sector Analysis
  Islamic leasing: Going global
  Senegal issues Sukuk, becomes strong contender for West African Islamic finance hub
The government of Senegal issued a Sukuk of XOF100 billion (US$208 million) that closed on the 18th July, tapping a global market that could surpass record issuance of US$46.5 billion in 2012, according to arrangers ICD and Citigroup...
  Aircraft leasing: A first class opportunity for Islamic financing
Aircraft leasing was initially conceived as a tax efficient means of financing increasingly expensive commercial aircraft...
  Islamic leasing — the preferred choice
Ijarah leasing is a mode of finance that has been growing in popularity across multiple sectors and markets as a cost-effective method of financing both in the banking and non-banking sectors, either directly or through independent subsidiaries...
  MicroTakaful in Indonesia: A new business opportunity
MicroTakaful has a vast potential customer market around the world, and Shariah compliant microinsurance is making strides in emerging markets across the globe...
Case Study
Cagamas issue: The largest commodity Murabahah variable rate IMTN

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