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Archives - Takaful News  
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New office for Sun Life
18-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
New agreement signed
18-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
EFU General Insurance enters Takaful market
17-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
Takaful House eyes new investment
17-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
Arab Orient Takaful raises capital
16-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
Tunisia’s National Constituent Assembly adopts draft law establishing a regulatory framework for Takaful
16-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Takaful News
Unemployment benefits for Saudi
15-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Takaful News
Possible solution for Takaful in Australia
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Takaful News
Amăna Takaful rolls out app
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Takaful News
New Takaful regulations
8-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
New target for Wethaq Takaful
4-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
Takaful Brunei reaches out to schools
4-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
New market for XL Group
3-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
Insurance industry in Saudi Arabia
2-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
MetLife receives extension
2-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Takaful News
Amăna Takaful distributes surplus
1-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Takaful News
Takaful Ikhlas to disburse Hibah
1-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Takaful News
Arab Orient Takaful sets target
30-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Takaful News
i-BR1M pays out
30-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Takaful News
Re-Takaful growth in the GCC
26-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Takaful News
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
Volume 11 Issue 42
Cover Story
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News Briefs
Asset Management
IFN Reports
  Building on Sri Lanka’s growth story: Amana Candor Shariah Income Fund
  IFN Global Trendswatch
  IFN Weekly Poll: If the Islamic asset management industry were to have one dedicated ‘center’, which would be most suited?
  IFN Dealogic roundup
  Oil uncertainty: a launchpad for Islamic finance?
  Unpublished private placement ratings — too early to tell
  On a Wing and a Prayer: Breaking down barriers
  New Islamic bank for Tunisia
  Islamic finance landing opportunities in aviation world
  Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE spearhead growth opportunities in the GCC
  Solid micro and macroeconomic environment pushes Al Samaha Islamic Fund to the top
  Sovereign Sukuk: Back to Asia
  Meezan Bank concludes HSBC Pakistan acquisition, targets high net worth customer base
  Positive third quarter results for Saudi banks
IFN Country Correspondents
  Completion of repayment of Qatari loans by Egypt in November
  Slow growth in Nigeria’s Islamic finance industry
  Tunisia looking to debut Sukuk by the end of 2014
IFN Sector Correspondent
  Islamic PE and VC: Under-represented but improving
IFN Country Analysis
  Growing market: Islamic finance in Bangladesh
IFN Sector Analysis
  Reviving the Islamic securitization market
  Singapore as a hub for Islamic wealth management
According to an annual survey conducted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the city-state’s central bank and regulatory authority...
  The growth of Islamic derivatives
The reputation of financial derivatives suffered greatly during the financial crisis...
  GCC’s low insurance penetration gives Malaysia a head start in Islamic insurance
Although the Gulf region is the world’s largest market for Takaful, the sector has yet to truly flourish in any of the six GCC states...
Case Study
South Africa’s maiden Sukuk: A well-received Islamic paper

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