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Archives - Takaful News  
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PruBSN launches Takaful specialist scheme
25-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Takaful News
MAA Takaful optimistic
25-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Takaful News
Manulife contemplates Takaful
25-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Takaful News
Potential new markets for Takaful
24-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Takaful News
Takaful in Qatar not without challenge
24-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Takaful News
Takaful operators to comply with SECP’s CISSII by the 1st May 2014
17-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue11, Takaful News
Takaful Ikhlas eyes 10% rise in policyholders
12-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue11, Takaful News
Doha Insurance launches rights issue
11-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue10, Takaful News
Opportunity in Turkey for Takaful
10-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue10, Takaful News
Al Madina Takaful recommends distribution
6-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue10, Takaful News
Reinsurance set to expand in the GCC
6-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue10, Takaful News
MetLife receives SAMA approval
5-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue10, Takaful News
Malaysia calls for improvements in the effectiveness of Family Takaful framework
24-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
Etiqa responds to boycott
24-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
SECP issues Takaful rules
24-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
BNM receives feedback
21-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
New Takaful guidelines for Brunei
20-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
PruBSN disburses Zakat and charity funds
20-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
PruBSN introduces digital applications
20-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
SECP revises list
20-Feb-2014, Volume11.Issue08, Takaful News
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 3rd September 2014
Volume 11 Issue 35
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  All new IFN — fresh look, unique content, robust platform
  Uyoun Al-Raed Commercial Company secures SAR1.97 billion (US$525.22 million) real estate Murabahah financing
  SC introduces Sukuk framework to facilitate SRI initiatives
  Sovereign Sukuk update: Hong Kong delivers its promise
  Asset management: Weakest link, biggest opportunity
  Malaysia strengthens global economic linkages with new Islamic finance initiatives
  Finally the two meet: Islamic finance and socially responsible investing
IFN Country Correspondents
  State bank Ziraat ends acquisition talks with Bank Asya
  Islamic microfinance advancing rapidly in Bangladesh
  Malaysian apex court disallowed pre-judgment interest
IFN Sector Correspondents
  Corporate governance issues in syndicated finance
  Takaful in France
IFN Sector Analysis
  Trading and stockbroking: Islamic trading and stockbroking: An area in need of innovation
  Potential for additional growth for Islamic finance in Sri Lanka
The growth potential for Islamic finance has not gone unnoticed by regulators ...
  The French real estate market: A new boom in Europe?
Despite sluggish growth and a turbulent economic environment, the European real estate market has recorded an important increase of the investments: 28% up from last year...
  Global real estate – What’s left for 2014?
The summer holidays for most are now over and thoughts are turning to business for the last third of the year...
  Islamic finance and investment in Australia – Slowly slowly
The Australian market for Shariah compliant investment may have been slow to take off...
  Risk management in crisis – What are the challenges?
How long has there been an industry called enterprise risk management?...
  Are Islamic equity funds more resilient?
There is a longstanding perception that Shariah compliant investments are less volatile and more stable than conventional financial products...
Case Study
Khazanah Nasional’s RM1.5 billion (US$475.4 billion) IMTN

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