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Archives - Takaful News  
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Takaful Oman Insurance’s new branch
1-Apr-2015, Volume12.Issue14, Takaful News
Family Takaful unaffected by GST
1-Apr-2015, Volume12.Issue14, Takaful News
QIIC eyes 10-15% growth
30-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue13, Takaful News
Ajman Bank strikes bancaTakaful partnership
26-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue13, Takaful News
PIL to set up Takaful window
25-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue13, Takaful News
New savings plan by ADIB
19-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue12, Takaful News
Yarrow to address IFN Asia Forum delegates
19-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue12, Takaful News
Dar Al Takaful targets SMEs
17-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue11, Takaful News
Takaful advisory council for Nigeria
11-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue11, Takaful News
Ascana begins offering Takaful products
10-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue10, Takaful News
QIIC divests asset
10-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue10, Takaful News
Softening of reinsurance rates
5-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue10, Takaful News
Avicennia targets Turkey’s Takaful market
3-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue09, Takaful News
UAE’s new Takaful rules positive
27-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue09, Takaful News
Doga eyes Takaful business
26-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue09, Takaful News
Oman approves Takaful law draft
18-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue08, Takaful News
Takaful coverage benefits favored by PTPTN borrowers
18-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue08, Takaful News
Solidarity General Takaful inks deal with Copart
18-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue08, Takaful News
Malaysia’s Takaful and insurance players are well positioned to weather a volatile 2015, says RAM
17-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue07, Takaful News
Misr Insurance plans Takaful unit
17-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue07, Takaful News
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 1st April 2015
Volume 12 Issue 13
Cover Story
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Asset Management
IFN Reports
  Improved liquidity management solution for UAE Islamic banks
  Ashmore enters Islamic market
  Digitization — the future of Islamic banking
  Sovereign Sukuk: Southeast Asian sovereigns show consistency
  UKEF moves into Sukuk space
  Ajman Bank’s financing facility: A hybrid structure
  IFN Weekly Poll: With the current market climate, will we see more players trying to achieve a negative yield on their Sukuk issuance this year?
  IFN Global Trendswatch
  IFN Weekly Poll: Are we about to see a wave of social impact Sukuk issuances?
IFN Country Correspondents
  AAOIFI reinstate dialogue with IASB: Towards a single set of global accounting standards
  Oman’s Sukuk issuance makes slow progress
  Kenya sets up committee to oversee implementation of capital markets plan
IFN Sector Correspondents
  Investment treaty protection — mitigating the risk of government intervention
  A new Takaful family contract for the French market
IFN Country Analysis
  Libya: Libya: Stagnant market amid political struggle
IFN Sector Analysis
  SRI, ethical and green: SRI, ethical and green financial ventures in Islamic finance
Green Sukuk in the US
Islamic finance in the US – Origins and trajectory
Creating curiosity in Islamic products in the US
Opportunities abound in GCC region for Islamic asset management
Case Study
IDB’s Sukuk: Lowest spread in the bank’s history

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