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Archives - Islamic Investor Feature  
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Asia’s Still a Gem
1-Oct-2012, IFN Supplement Asia 2012, Islamic Investor Feature
Multiple New Index Launches Re-Energize the Islamic Investment Market
1-Oct-2012, IFN Supplement Asia 2012, Islamic Investor Feature
Investing in Shariah ETFs
1-Oct-2012, IFN Supplement Asia 2012, Islamic Investor Feature
The ABC of Islamic Structured Funds
28-Mar-2012, Volume9.Issue12, Islamic Investor Feature
Equity review in 2011
1-Feb-2012, Volume9.Issue04, Islamic Investor Feature
The role of Islamic infrastructure funds in the aftermath of the Arab Spring
25-Jan-2012, Volume9.Issue03, Islamic Investor Feature
Shariah compliant investing: Moral obligations versus returns trade-off
18-Jan-2012, Volume9.Issue02, Islamic Investor Feature
Managing money as a non-Muslim
14-Dec-2011, Volume8.Issue49, Islamic Investor Feature
The evolution of Islamic finance in Pakistan and its impact on the region
7-Dec-2011, Volume8.Issue48, Islamic Investor Feature
The evolution of the commodity indexes
30-Nov-2011, Volume8.Issue47, Islamic Investor Feature
Cross-border Islamic equity funds
16-Nov-2011, Volume8.Issue45, Islamic Investor Feature
Islamic REITs: Cross-Border Listing of Assets
9-Nov-2011, Volume8.Issue44, Islamic Investor Feature
Chasing the money: The dominance of Saudi Arabia in Islamic funds
2-Nov-2011, Volume8.Issue43, Islamic Investor Feature
The pros and cons of an Islamic sovereign wealth fund
26-Oct-2011, Volume8.Issue42, Islamic Investor Feature
Quantifying global Islamic equities
19-Oct-2011, Volume8.Issue41, Islamic Investor Feature
Shariah compliant investment opportunities down under
11-Oct-2011, Volume8.Issue40, Islamic Investor Feature
Islamic wisdom will save the west
5-Oct-2011, Volume8.Issue39, Islamic Investor Feature
Islamic Funds Look to Asia for Growth
3-Oct-2011, IFN Supplement Asia 2011, Islamic Investor Feature
Building a unique wealth management business
28-Sep-2011, Volume8.Issue38, Islamic Investor Feature
The wonderful world of Sukuk
21-Sep-2011, Volume8.Issue37, Islamic Investor Feature
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 10th September 2014
Volume 11 Issue 36
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  Fund focus: Innovative new offerings from EIIB-Rasmala
  IFN Weekly Poll: To assist in the development of cross-border activities and secondary trading, would it be feasible to establish a global Islamic stock exchange?
  IFN Deal Summary: Sukuk volumes could exceed expectations
  Islamic banks eye Shariah dollar through private banking services
  Goldman Sachs names banks to arrange Sukuk
  Growing global acceptance of Islamic instruments bodes well for sovereign Sukuk sector
  New investment approach in Saudi Arabia
  IFSA — at the expense of General Takaful operators?
  Malaysian GST and its impact on brokerage firms
  BTMU Malaysia-ICD financing agreement marks growing internationalization of Islamic finance
  UK government responds to public consultation on Shariah compliant student financing
  Sovereign Sukuk: Sharjah joins the big boys
  Khazanah Nasional issues innovative exchangeable Sukuk
IFN Country Correspondents
  Deepening Indonesia’s Shariah money market
  Oman: Islamic trade finance
IFN Sector Correspondents
  Takaful window for Zambia
  Habib Metro Bank’s new Islamic brand plans further expansion
  Treasury products: Islamic treasury products in global markets
IFN Country Analysis
  Saudi Arabia: An new era of evolution
IFN Sector Analysis
  Structured finance: The way forward
Case Study
Indonesian innovation

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