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Archives - Islamic Investor Cover Story  
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The REIT investment
7-Nov-2012, Volume9.Issue44, Islamic Investor Cover Story
The new precious
31-Oct-2012, Volume9.Issue43, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Better days forecast for Down Under
24-Oct-2012, Volume9.Issue42, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Low cost yet still unpopular
17-Oct-2012, Volume9.Issue41, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Setting the pace
10-Oct-2012, Volume9.Issue40, Islamic Investor Cover Story
The preferred investment vehicle
3-Oct-2012, Volume9.Issue39, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Points to ponder
26-Sep-2012, Volume9.Issue38, Islamic Investor Cover Story
It’s not easy being green
19-Sep-2012, Volume9.Issue37, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Structure brings about transparency
12-Sep-2012, Volume9.Issue36, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Right here right now: Sri Lanka’s investment today
5-Sep-2012, Volume9.Issue35, Islamic Investor Cover Story
The down and up of the industry
29-Aug-2012, Volume9.Issue34, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Targeting the affluent
23-Aug-2012, Volume9.Issue33, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Equity funds are here to stay
15-Aug-2012, Volume9.Issue32, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Sailing the rough seas
8-Aug-2012, Volume9.Issue31, Islamic Investor Cover Story
All eggs in one basket
1-Aug-2012, Volume9.Issue30, Islamic Investor Cover Story
The power of the small
25-Jul-2012, Volume9.Issue29, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Rising from an aftermath
18-Jul-2012, Volume9.Issue28, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Impact investing integration
11-Jul-2012, Volume9.Issue27, Islamic Investor Cover Story
A ‘Healthy’ REIT
4-Jul-2012, Volume9.Issue26, Islamic Investor Cover Story
Asia’s surging millionaires — a wealth of opportunity
27-Jun-2012, Volume9.Issue25, Islamic Investor Cover Story
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 1st October 2014
Volume 11 Issue 39
Cover Story
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  Building on previous success: The Al-Ameen Islamic Principal Preservation Fund IV
  IFN Global Trendswatch
  IFN Weekly Poll: As the global financial community looks towards the emerging markets, could these countries potentially be the prime upcoming destinations for Islamic finance activities?
  IFN Eurekahedge Islamic Fund Index round-up
  Sovereign Sukuk: An aerial view
  New Islamic banking laws to complement Azerbaijan’s banking sector
  NBAD targets Muslim wealth with Shariah compliant version of star conventional fund
  REDmoney partners with NASDAQ Dubai and AIMS to develop Islamic finance human capital pool
  Islamic finance and agriculture: An unrealized area of potential
  Combining the best of both worlds in expanding Islamic finance talent pool
  Rasameel and Ejarah Global target western markets
  Omani SME sector receives boost as Meethaq inks Shariah compliant deal with Zubair SEC
  Inaugural Sukuk issuance for BTMU Malaysia
IFN Country Correspondents
  The first Islamic financing guarantee company established in Indonesia
  The opinion of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council on the Islamic Banking Bill
  The case for an exhilarating prospect
  Ziraat Bank applies for participation banking license
IFN Sector Correspondent
  US real estate: Back in style
IFN Country Analysis
  One man show: Islamic finance in Bosnia-Herzegovina
IFN Sector Analysis
  Private banking and wealth management: Towards a sustainable growth
  Are the Cayman Islands the pre-eminent jurisdiction for the growing appetite for Sukuk in the US?
Cayman has always been a popular jurisdiction for incorporating Sukuk issuers...
  Sukuk trading needs to modernize as sector expands
The rapid expansion of the Sukuk sector is a welcome development for all who recognize its value as an ethical and efficient means of raising capital...
  The Shariah asset management puzzle: Is it all in the packaging?
Shariah compliant asset management shares values and principles with multiple other faith-based and ethical investment approaches...
Case Study
Khazanah exchangeable Sukuk: Testament to a healthy track record

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