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IFN Law Awards 2014: Weighing the scales
28-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue30, Cover Story
Rock bottom borrowing costs drive GCC boom
23-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue29, Cover Story
Feeding the faithful: The Halal story
16-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue28, Cover Story
Islamic pensions: Are Muslim-majority nations missing a trick?
9-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue27, Cover Story
Crossover culture: A new home for Islamic finance in Europe
2-Jul-2014, Volume11.Issue26, Cover Story
New laws, new shores: Are Islamic funds finally growing up?
25-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue25, Cover Story
Iraq: A nation on the edge
18-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue24, Cover Story
Passive performance: A new frontier for Islamic index investing
11-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue23, Cover Story
Quantum of solitude: Spotlight on Iran
4-Jun-2014, Volume11.Issue22, Cover Story
IFN Exclusive: ICD outlines aggressive new expansion strategy
28-May-2014, Volume11.Issue21, Cover Story
Demand for dry: The Gulf says hello to Halal hospitality
21-May-2014, Volume11.Issue20, Cover Story
Social impact bonds: A new tool for Islamic finance?
14-May-2014, Volume11.Issue19, Cover Story
Global food security: A ticking timebomb for the Islamic world
7-May-2014, Volume11.Issue18, Cover Story
Does Halal financing have a limited shelf-life?
30-Apr-2014, Volume11.Issue17, Cover Story
Firm foundations: How Bahrain is (re)building Islamic finance
23-Apr-2014, Volume11.Issue16, Cover Story
Islamic IPOs: The next big boom
16-Apr-2014, Volume11.Issue15, Cover Story
Not always black and white: The knotty problem of preference shares
9-Apr-2014, Volume11.Issue14, Cover Story
Sovereign Sukuk: Small size, big ambitions
2-Apr-2014, Volume11.Issue13, Cover Story
Shifting tides: A transformation in GCC Islamic investment
26-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue12, Cover Story
Pushing pensions: The year of the Silver Revolution
19-Mar-2014, Volume11.Issue11, Cover Story
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Latest Issue
Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Volume 11 Issue 29
Cover Story
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  UAE’s mission to Mars
  Tadawul’s liberalization: A gateway to untapped opportunities
  Sovereign Sukuk market: Gears still moving
IFN Country Analysis
  Turkey — in a pinch
IFN Sector Analysis
  Walking the line: Shariah compliant corporate governance
  Islamic finance in Turkey
Islamic banking is currently dominated by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, but offers significant promise in Turkey given the country’s strong financial structure and distinctive potential...
  Islamic finance corporate governance in Egypt — less than sophisticated
The corporate governance policies and practices of Islamic financial institutions, while similar in several aspects to those implemented in conventional financial institutions, include certain elements that correspond to and reflect the special characteristics of the products they offer and the image of such institutions in the market...
  Corporate governance in the UK Islamic finance industry
Despite anchoring itself in the Islamic finance space, the UK has yet to see its Shariah compliant retail banking sector take off, prompting for a policy re-think and governance framework restructuring...
  Takaful in Indonesia: Room for growth
Over the last five years, the market share of the Indonesian Islamic insurance industry has increased steadily to 4.2% in 2012 from 2.13% in 2008, according to the latest available official data...
Case Study
Al Hilal Bank’s sophomore Sukuk issuance

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