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IDB’s Sukuk: Lowest spread in the bank’s history
25-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue13, Case Study
Sharjah Islamic Bank’s Sukuk: The first senior unsecured paper since October 2013
18-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue12, Case Study
Turkish Treasury’s TRY1.8 billion (US$716.09 million) Sukuk
4-Mar-2015, Volume12.Issue10, Case Study
An exchangeable Sukuk with a hybrid structure: Cahaya Capital
18-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue08, Case Study
Indonesia’s quadruple Sukuk offering: Highest bids received since 2009
11-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue07, Case Study
DIB Tier 1 Sukuk: Setting stronger precedence for Islamic capital issuances
4-Feb-2015, Volume12.Issue06, Case Study
IBA’s largest Islamic facility to date
28-Jan-2015, Volume12.Issue05, Case Study
Ethiopian Airlines: First Islamic financing in Africa’s aviation industry
21-Jan-2015, Volume12.Issue04, Case Study
World’s first rated perpetual Sukuk: MAHB
14-Jan-2015, Volume12.Issue03, Case Study
IFFIm: Sukuk for a charitable purpose
17-Dec-2014, Volume12.Issue01, Case Study
Turkey’s longest-tenor US dollar Sukuk
10-Dec-2014, Volume11.Issue50, Case Study
CIMB Islamic Equity Fund: Outperforming its benchmark
3-Dec-2014, Volume11.Issue49, Case Study
DIFC Investments makes a comeback to the international Sukuk market
26-Nov-2014, Volume11.Issue48, Case Study
Biggest IPO in the Arab world: National Commercial Bank
19-Nov-2014, Volume11.Issue47, Case Study
Cagamas’ largest Commodity Murabahah offering
19-Nov-2014, Volume11.Issue46, Case Study
Halal meat financing in Chicago: Barkaat Foods
5-Nov-2014, Volume11.Issue45, Case Study
First sovereign euro-denominated Sukuk: Luxembourg
29-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue44, Case Study
Turkiye Finans’ Malaysian Sukuk debut
22-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue43, Case Study
South Africa’s maiden Sukuk: A well-received Islamic paper
15-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue42, Case Study
Hong Kong sovereign Sukuk: Evidence of a Sukuk-friendly environment
8-Oct-2014, Volume11.Issue41, Case Study
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Wednesday 25th March 2015
Volume 12 Issue 12
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  Qatar insurance sector the fastest-growing in the GCC, Takaful included
  Islamic finance gains more traction in Europe
  Sovereign Sukuk: Fulfilling their promises, countries take action
  Appetite for Malaysian government Sukuk strong ahead of Barclays’ index inclusion
  Current Sukuk opportunities are unattractive to Islamic insurers, says AM Best
  Malaysia (potentially) downgraded — Sukuk market affected?
  High cost holding back Islamic microfinance industry in Indonesia
  IFN Global Trendswatch
  IFN Weekly Poll: Are we about to see a wave of social impact Sukuk issuances?
IFN Country Correspondents
  Indonesian retail Sukuk 2015: Exceeding the target
  Afghanistan: Islamic finance steadily gaining inroads
IFN Sector Correspondents
  An impressive growth of Al Meezan Mutual Fund
  Islamic syndications remain sluggish
IFN Country Analysis
  Tunisia: Slow and steady
IFN Sector Analysis
  Sukuk: The icon
The UAE’s progression as a global hub for the Islamic economy
Sukuk: An alternative method for raising capital
Takaful and re-Takaful: Mainstays of Islamic insurance
Case Study
Sharjah Islamic Bank’s Sukuk: The first senior unsecured paper since October 2013

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